What people have to say ……..   


“I was referred to the St Giles Clinic about three years ago by a pain consultant. At first I was very doubtful as to whether I would gain anything from the experience but I quickly found that I was storing things away to discuss at my weekly sessions. I learnt a lot about myself and this really helped me to deal with the issues that were overwhelming me.

The atmosphere in the Clinic was really friendly and I found the psychologist really helpful. I find it difficult to trust people, particularly people that I don’t know very well, but I soon found that I was able to talk to the psychologist about anything and everything.

Overall I found my time really rewarding and a good experience that I still use in everyday life. I would definitely recommend the St Giles Clinic to anyone who is considering seeking psychological help – it is extremely worthwhile.” – Patient K


“As a busy Occupational Health service at a local south Norfolk niche car manufacturer we have accessed the St Giles Clinic over the past 12-18 months.

They have consistently provided a professional service assisting us in the support of employees with CBT treatment for a variety of issues. Feedback from our employees is positive with an effective response to treatment and an improved sense of well being and ability to manage their symptoms.”

From referral to outcome the St Giles Clinic has provided a professional supportive service which has been valuable to both us as an employer and to our staff.”


“I have referred many patients to the St Giles Clinic over the years. Patients appreciate the individual, holistic approach to their care and have made dramatic improvements in relatively few sessions. They are given the skills to deal with their emotional issues, which improves their quality of life and makes my job much easier!” – Dr K

Legal Professionals

“This East Anglian practice including two very experienced Children Panel Solicitors has used the St. Giles Clinic for many years and found the Reports helpful and clear, the assessments and testing appropriate and accurate, and the opinions offered helpful, clear and dependable. Mr Spooner is very helpful in discussions where multi agency/party groups meet to seek ways to identify and address issues. Oral evidence is clear, helpful and precise. The clinic staff are helpful and friendly and prompt in dealings.”