New in 2011 ‘School-based parenting workshops’

Download Parenting Workshop Brochure

Aim of workshop

To promote understanding of –

  • The relationship between parenting behaviours, children’s learning and child development (especially brain, cognitive and social development)
  • The importance of attachment relationships between children and parents, and how to maximise those attachments
  • Positive parenting strategies

Workshop format

Two-hour formal presentation followed by half an hour of questions and answers.

Workshop size

The workshop is designed for parents, carers, teachers and anyone else involved in the parenting, safeguarding and welfare of children. Minimum attendance required is 15.

About Darren Spooner

Darren has been a Chartered Psychologist for over 10 years and he specialises in child protection. He provides assessments and medico-legal reports on parenting, neglect and child abuse to Children’s Services and Courts across the country. He was a member of the original development team for the Positive Parenting Program (PPP) and he worked on the development of an intervention for food refusal in preschoolers.

Arranging a workshop for your school

To arrange a workshop for your school you will need to select a date on which to promote the workshop, and on which an appropriate room or hall can be used in your school. We will require the school to arrange the room for the presentation, which will require a white screen and power supply (we will bring computer and data projector). When you have decided on a date, we will supply you with a flyer which can then be posted in or outside of classrooms and school receptions or copied and circulated in children’s book bags, or how you see fit.

To arrange a workshop, or for further information please contact –

Parenting Workshops
The St. Giles Clinic
1st Floor, Willow Lane House
Willow Lane
Norfolk NR2 1EU
T: 01603 613200
F: 01603 765696

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